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Mechanical Vein is a fresh and exciting hybrid of gritty and glitchy organic electro-EDM, with just enough of a rock/metal influence to add a visceral edge and emotional boost to the music. The band is uniquely successful in walking that challenging line between trippy/catchy melodic beats and raw emotional aggressive fire. Every track is full of heart and catharsis, with the complex gritty synths striking directly to the listeners' core. Keithtron's vocal style, often rapid-fire in delivery, lends an extra level of intensity to the music.... this is a band with a message, and a band that eschews the frat-culture that often permeates the electronic music scene.

Fans of The Glitch Mob, The Prodigy, Savoy, Skrillex, Zomboy, Celldweller, Pendulum, Imperative Reaction, & Modestep would all be sure to dig Mechanical Vein. That said, MV achieves a broader appeal, shattering formulaic genre standards both in the studio and on stage. Come join the party, and they'll set you ablaze.

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